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We are one of the Best Indian Wedding Photographers base in Chandigarh & Mohali. We cover events all over Punjab, Haryana, Delhi & mostly everywhere in India. Just leave a message if you love our style and we'll get back to you.  ?



Vipul Sharma Photography is a team of highly professional and trained photographers based in Chandigarh, Punjab, India. Vipul Sharma Photography, are amongst the very best Candid Wedding Photographers in Chandigarh and surrounding states of Northern India, especially Punjab. We believe in making your big day even bigger by capturing the best moments and making them last forever for all of us. Indian Weddings are grand and subtle at the very same time. The customs associated bring out the meaningful importance of family ties and the bond of love that keeps them all together. We have worked for over 1200 clients in our journey of over 10 years and have a fan base of 5,44,000 active users on Facebook and about 50,000 on Instagram. We plan on widening this family every year! We believe Wedding Photography should be enjoyed, eternal and inspiring. Whereas styles and the presentations changes over the years, but the storytelling remains the same. The story behind the capturing and the desired execution of it is what makes every Wedding project special. The Wedding photography work showcased here is not just a couple of hours of clicking - It is the effort of the team, relentlessly working on for months before the final night to be executed. That's how WE work !!!  We invite you to go through our profile and check our showcase thoroughly. If you find it worthy enough, Do contact us.


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Our core clients are from India, America, Australia, Canada, U.K., & from many European countries, and we are happy to work with clients from all over the globe. We plan to provide the best possible services in the associated fields of Photography & Videography. So leave a message for us and let us get back to you.