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Vipul Sharma is also featuring in this

Bollywood Style fascinating Pre Wedding Video


Vipul Sharma, himself is also featuring in this Bollywood Style Pre Wedding Video. Show your Love to his PHOTOGRAPHY by sharing this video on your Timelime

We wanted to make this video in Bollywood style so we shot this Pre-Wedding Video in 4 different Locations and all of them were really very beautiful and served our purposes. First one was the IIT Campus, Mandi and there we shot all the Cricketing Sequences and Chasing scenes. And the next day we went to a location named Phooladhar which is 2hours away from Mandi and we did all the Love/Dream Sequences there. The 3rd day we went to a resthouse in Padhar Nearby Mandi, there we shot all the indoor sequences and then we went to Indus Global School, Mandi to shoot the class sequence. After that we took some rest for the 4th day as our 3day schedule was really very hectic, so we just chilled and enjoyed the 4th day. After taking some rest for a day on the 5th day we went to Shimla to do Old Age Sequences and Clicked all those AMAZING pictures of this couple which you may have seen as Video Thumbnails and Cover Photos of our timeline cover on Facebook and have shared some other as well. Wuff, I remember there was a time when Raghav was like, Vipul bas b kr yr, kb hoga ye Pre-Wedding khatam .. hahaha .. n I was like .. ho jaega .. ho jaega .. bs ek shot aur .. ek shot aur ?

And then finally we wrapped up late night on 5th day .. Shoot Packup .. And here is the result of all those 5days in front of you.

I hope that you’ll really like this Pre-Wedding Love Story. Just let me know your thoughts about it in the comment section below. ?