We, the team of Vipul Sharma Photography, are amongst the very best Wedding/Fashion Photographers in Chandigarh and surrounding states of Northern India, especially Punjab. Our core clients are from India, America, Australia, Canada, U.K., & from other European Countries as well. We are thrilled to work with clients from all over the globe. We have worked for over 1200 clients in our journey of over 10 years and have a fan base of 5,44,000 active users on Facebook and about 50,000 on Instagram. We plan on widening this family every year!


We provide all kinds of Photography/Videography Services in the entire Indian Subcontinent and beyond. Weddings are our major area of expertise. We provide Wedding Coverage Services as per the requirements/needs of our Clients. We are also well-versed in Portrait Photography, Candid Photography, Corporate Portraits, Event Photography, Commercial Photography, Fashion and Celebrity Photography. We even provide the best quality Cinematography services.


Vipul Sharma is a one of the Leading Photographers in Chandigarh region of North India. He is a 28 year old entrepreneur who's happy-go-lucky temperament makes him an instant hit in almost all surrounding groups. He has a hand at making people comfortable in front of the camera and making their dreams come true through his perfect shots. With more than a decade of working hard and evolving everyday, he has reached here - A point where he believes that his hard work is paying off. He has an active team of 24 people working under him round the clock. He has worked with various Celebrities and Talented Photographers as well. And after this entire journey, he believes that he is exactly where he wanted himself to be.


We have extended to form a New firm - VIPUL SHARMA GRAPHIC ACADEMY (VGA) entirely dedicated to giving back what we have learnt through all these years. We want to do our bit in providing students with all the knowledge we can and help push Photography to be one of the rising Career Choice in the country. We provide both, short and long term courses and even certified workshops to help prospective students lead their way to become aspiring photographers.


You can contact us anytime on+919780-989-206, +919888-743-227. We are also available on all the social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest or Twitter, for that matter. You can even get in touch with us on mail at vipulsharma048@gmail.com. You can contact us for any kind of bookings or queries. We love to interact with as many people as we can so You can get in touch with us on any of the above mentioned sites through the links given below :

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