Welcome to the Realm of Photography, with our very first blog on the go. Photography is an undying art which helps us to capture feelings, emotions, moments in a way we could cherish over for a lifetime. It’s an exuberant feeling of having been creating something, being able to feel control over determinants to manipulate shots. If you ask me, it’s a powerful art.

All that holds importance to you could be shot, be it a person, an animal, a thing..as cheesy as it sounds, it is even capable of capturing love! Isn’t it beautiful? You can photograph things you can’t even touch- Love, friendship, integrity, moods, hope, and so on. It seems so unbelievable to me that such intangible things, could be created into pictures and given the power to touch your soul in a million fascinating ways. How amazing is that!

Photography, to me, has been a way of discovering myself. I’ve been through all kinds of toss and turns through the path of photography and I know, there’s still a long long way to go.

And despite this challenging journey, I know I have each and every one of you to count on.


Vipul Sharma